ATV & Golden Circle

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This fun tour combines a ride on an ATV quad bike and the ever popular Golden Circle tour.

ATV is a great way to start an exciting day of exploring different terrains on an open-air all-terrain vehicle. The bikes are fully automatic and easy to handle. There is no need for any prior experience of driving a quad bike; the guides will be there to help. We will then get to test the ATV on different terrains, with an ever-changing landscape, that lead to the mountain top of Hafrafell, giving way to a great view overlooking the buzzing capital area.

The second part of the tour is the beautiful The Golden Circle tour. It includes some of the most popular sights in Iceland and not without reason; one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland, Gullfoss, Geysir hot spring area, from which all geysers got their name and Þingvellir National Park where you can see the American and Eurasian tectonic plates.

Gullfoss, created by the river Hvítá, tumbles into a deep crevice. You do not see the plunge from every angle, so it sometimes looks like the waterfall falls into an abyss. At Geysir Geothermal Area, you can see the geyser Strokkur shoot up a column of water every 4-8 minutes. Thingvellir National Park is important both geologically and historically but there you can see the Eurasian and American tectonic plates above ground – and they are pulling apart at a rate of a few centimetres per year!

Do not let this fun tour pass you by!

Tour highlights

  • ATV ride
  • Geysir
  • Gullfoss
  • Thingvellir

    What’s included & Need to know

    • Bus fare.
    • Guided tour 1 hour ATV ride (2 persons per vehicle).
    • Protective clothing.
    • Safety equipment.
    • Professional local tour guide.

    Requirements: The driver needs a valid driver’s licence. Optional: 1 person per vehicle at extra cost, paid on site when available. Pick up is operated by Safari Quads, up to 30 minutes before departure.

    Guidance: 09:30 English, daily & Scandinavian on Thu & Sun

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