Snorkeling Silfra - Golden Circle IcelandSnorkeling Silfra - Golden Circle Iceland


Snorkeling Silfra & Golden Circle Combo

Snorkeling Silfra & Golden Circle Combo, nothing matches the excitement and thrill of snorkeling Silfra in Iceland. We must tell that Silfra is a crack in the earth, filled with the glacial water. It lies between North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.  It is one of the clearest bodies in the earth with 100 meters visibility underwater.

This tour will start with us taking you through the four parts of the Silfra fissure. You will feel that you are freezing, but you will be mesmerized by the amazing beauty. The whole experience is just like a meditation.

We will take you to the Thingvellir Park here in On the Golden Circle route where the geothermal area called Geysir lies along with golden waterfall Gullfoss.


Check out these important details about the tour:

●      It goes on whole year
●      8-10 hours a day
●      with 2 participants at least required
●      and 6 participants at max per snorkel guide
●      that Costs   ISK 29.990


Don’t forget to carry:

●      Long underwear
●      Clothes suitable as per weather
●      If you wear glasses, bring contact lenses


We provide you with:

●      Free pick up and return
●      Snorkeling trip guidance
●      Snorkelling gear
●      Refreshment after the  trip
●      Tour of Gullfoss & Geysir
●       Entrance fee into Silfra worth ISK 1.000

Meals and departures will be managed by you only!


What is mandatory for this tour?

●      Medical form signed  by  a doctor for people above 60 yrs
●      Liability release form signed before starting the tour
●      Need to be 150cm to 200cm tall
●      Weight 45kg to 120kg
●      Minimum of 14 years of age
●      Must know swimming
●      Physically fit
●      Ready to wear tight & constricting dry suit
●      Knowledge of English

This tour is also available as Diving Silfra & the Golden Circle Combo

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