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Experience Iceland in style with our Golden Circle & Waterfalls Self-Drive vacation package. Our all-inclusive itinerary takes you on a journey through the most popular road trip in Iceland – The Golden Circle, where you’ll see breathtaking waterfalls and have the option to participate in unique activities such as the Icelandic Lava Show and a Rye Bread tour.

Golden Circle Iceland & Waterfalls Tour

The Golden Circle & Waterfalls is a designed Self-Drive vacation package with a pre-planned itinerary, selected attractions, and campsite overnight fees to offer you the best campervan experience in Iceland!

The Tour will take you around breathtaking waterfalls in close proximity to the capital area, you will be on the most popular Iceland road trip -The Golden Circle… You will participate in activities like the Icelandic Lava Show, a visit to a geothermal bath (Krauma, Sky Lagoon), and an original Rye Bread tour where the dough is cooked right in the ground using geothermal heat, and you get, of course, a taste of the delicious bread!
You are equipped with the Easy Guide tablet, a navigational device where you find your itinerary, activities, information about the camper, and other valuable features. Only available with us.
In our itinerary description below, we included the approximate time spent at each location, including the driving time from the previous site.

We can not customize this trip.

Hey, we are CampEasy!

A team of experienced Adventurers & Professional Travel Agents, working together to make the best campervan Self-Drive tour!

We made this tour to make it EASY for you to discover all of the amazing places that Iceland has to offer!

We offers the best-planned routes with an all-inclusive itinerary just one click away. Our packages are tailored with care – campers come with Zero Risk insurance and free cancelation policy, making trip decisions flexible, especially in these challenging times. Our shuttle service will get you to your awaiting fully equipped camper – load your trip’s itinerary on the Easy Guide and follow the roads to your most fantastic adventure!

Meet your road trip’s companion.

Our high-quality CampEasy camper vans are comfortable and safe and specially made for traveling around Iceland, takes you so much further with the larger tires, raised chassis, and a 4X4 drive. It also comes equipped with a mounted spare tire on the back for easy access.

Our Camper vans ensures that you will be able to reach and see all that you desire on your adventure. The Campers are insulated with our signature Full wool Insulation approach & Webasto heater, which makes camping comfortable throughout all the seasons and temperatures.

In the Campers, you will find inclusions like thick duvets, cook/kitchenware, compressor fridge, quality stove, charging station, running water, inverter, BBQ + gas, table + two chairs, parking sensors, post-collision braking, park distance control, mobile phone interface and much, much more!

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